A thankful family

Sam is thankful for...
1. The means to get through school with no debt.
2. The opportunity to obtain higher education.
3. Good health.

Emily is thankful for...
1. Eternal families.
2. Laughter brought by sweet memories.
3. The feeling of accomplishment.

Alex is thankful for...
1. Food.
2. Sleeping.
3. A clean bum.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Andrea said...


Andrea is thankful for:

1. Good friends' blog posts
2. The idea that tomorrow will be better than today (or yesterday... you know what i mean!)
3. My husband :)

Beary Bee said...

Ba ha ha ha ha! I like Alex's list of things he's thankful for the BEST!

The Paxton Family said...

Kids are so easy to please eh?

Candi said...

I love Alex's thoughts! Very good things to bet thankful for!

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