A few recent activities

We have been really busy recently. Here are some of the things I remembered to pull out my camera for.

Cornell's final home football game of the season. We got in for free because the lady taking tickets said, "Your ticket is on hold right here." Then she pulled a ticket out of her jacket, ripped the stub off, and handed it to me. I think she had a crush on Alex.
With Cornell's mascot, The Big Red Bear

Alex was a little bored.

Walking around the Cornell Plantations with some friends. The moms spent most of the time chasing their kids and trying to keep them away from the water. It was pretty cute.

My friend from high school came to interview for Cornell's MBA program. He took us out to lunch at the Ithaca Bakery and it was amazing! Better than Subway. If you know me at all, that is saying a lot about the Ithaca Bakery.
Hey, Joe! That's my sandwich!

We have lived in Ithaca for three months and still had never been to The Commons. We finally went yesterday and tried out this tiny little Indian food place. It was delicious and so cheap! But I was a little worried about food poisoning.
Alex was staring at one of those giant (and tacky) Christmas inflatable globes.

Our ward's Girls Night Out this month was to go see New Moon. I walked out of the theater smiling so I think that means I liked it.
All of the girls.

Jody, Kristen, Emily, and Courtney


Ali said...

How fun! ;) I might have a slight crush on Alex also ;)

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I was reading about your day and was like friend joe? I didn't even think about that Joe. how's he doing?
How did you like the football game? I dislike football games when it is freezing because you don't move enough...unless you are in the hot pocket like at Westwood.
good times.

The Paxton Family said...

Glad you're getting out and having fun! It finally got COLD here and I'm a little in shock, but excited to pull out cute winter jackets for babies! Alex is looking super cute, especially all bundled up :-)

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