All About Alex

Lest you think Alex has gone and gotten ugly since I don't do the monthly posts on him, here are some updates.

-He pulls his toy bin out of his bedroom and dumps it out on the living room floor.
-He brings us food to open so he can eat it.
-He puts food in the pocket of his bib. For safekeeping, I assume.
-He claps when he hears clapping or when we say, "Yay."
-He comes over and puts his head on my leg when people bang around in the apartment above us.
-He is so determined. He does what he wants even though it isn't always what we want.
-He does not easily forget about things. Especially the road, which is his favorite place to play.
-He covers his mouth while chewing.
-He blows while I am blowing on his food to cool it down. If it is too hot, he will spit it out and blow on it.
-He picks up garbage and throws it in the trash can.
-He holds where he got hurt after he falls.
-He wants whichever toy I have in my hands. It suddenly becomes the most exciting toy in the room and he must have it immediately.
-He pulls a golf club and golf ball out of his toy bin and does a little putting.
-He is a pro at using a straw.
-He gives awesome high fives and gets so excited to give a high five.
-He loves balls. A close second is his love for sticks.
-If I have Kix and Cheerios in my hand, he will pick out and eat all the Kix and then try to feed me the Cheerios.
-He eats dirt. And any leftover food he finds under the kitchen table.

14 months, 5 days old.

Alex and Canon are buddies!

Now how do I get down?

Help! Daddy put me on a shelf!

 Working on my fitness.

It's so heavy!

 Stuck in the stroller.

Hide and Seek - under the bed!

My hand was feeling a little dry.

Stick it all the way in, and swish it around.

Good morning!

 Quickly, quickly. Run away!

 You want this?

 Adorable dimples.

 Kisses for this cute boy.

 Crazy hair and dirty clothes.

 Starting to look so old!

 Pasta is delicious!

 It makes hair silky and smooth.

 Reading space.

 Time for a new book!

 Nice and cozy again.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

You could use ties as baby blocking cabinet doors.

The Paxton Family said...

he's super cute still :-)
it's so bizarre to see him running around and doing so much! can you believe that he is the age Makayla was when you met her? :-)

Lcurls said...

he's starting to look a lot like you. minus the blonde locks:)

Camille Elise said...

I'm willing to bet your son will be a good basketball player. Look at him slam dunk those noodles!

Trina said...

Very cute! And I need to have you show me how to upload them to the blog, like this.

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