The time Sam took an awesome vacation and left me home.

The title makes me sounds bitter. I probably could have gone but I would have had to buy my own ticket. So that's why he went alone... I'm not bitter.

Cornell's ILR program flew Sam to Utah to recruit at the BYU Grad Fair. The Grad Fair was on a Monday so he flew to Utah a few days early so he could spend the weekend with his family. Alex and I really missed him but it was a good experience for Sam and I was glad he got to see his parents.

Nathan also went to Utah so Kristen and I tried to keep ourselves busy. We had a lot of fun letting the boys play at the mall. Alex enjoyed pulling everything off the shelves and we had fun wandering through stores.


Rebecca said...

Who is the gentleman sitting at the table with Sam playing Settlers? Because in that photo I swear he looks like some of the photos I've seen of Alex!! Perhaps Alex looks a lot like his Grandpa?! Cute boy!

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I don't much care for 'business' trips...it's kinda of fun the first day, being alone and taking care of your child with no help whatsoever, and being able to do whatever...buuuut...those nights without someone to snuggle with sucks...plus, I hate being alone at night. But I'm glad you kept yourself busy with friends :)

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