Bad Experience

I was ordering a smoothie on the 4th of July and it was not ready on time. The reason it was not ready was because they actually had made it but I was around the corner and they didn't call out my name. They just held up the smoothie and you are supposed to be watching and know it's yours.

I went up to complain but they were closed because I had been waiting forever so the smoothie stuff had already been put away and the money from the register had already been counted and removed so I could not get a refund. They tried making me a smoothie with what they had. The smoothie cost $23.99 (ridiculous!) so I was not about to let this slide.

I saw them filling a blender with milk and I'm like, "Oh great, a milk smoothie." So I went in the bathroom which was the size of an airplane bathroom with Alex with me. I was holding him while trying to pee. Then I came out and found  that my cousin Justine got engaged to one of the workers while I was in there! But I hadn't seen Justine at all up to this point! Plus, she's already married. I was so angry because she was acting crazy. And for some reason we were on a boat. I am not sure where Sam was but there was a good reason he wasn't there, like he was deployed or something.

Good thing it was just a dream... :) Wow, dreams while pregnant are weird.


Randi said...

Congratulations Emily!!! I didn't know you're pregnant. How very exciting! You are such a cute mommy. I love all you posts about Alex. He cracks me up. :)

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Hahaha, so random!! I hear ya, though...

...I already have crazy dreams as it is, but when I was pregnant they were out of control!!

Lcurls said...

haha I was like 23.99!?? wow. lol thats awesome

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