I cannot get enough of these cheeks. He cracks me up. I spend the whole day laughing at the things he does. He has so much attitude and yet is still incredibly sensitive. I am so glad I have this little buddy to keep me company all day. We miss Daddy but it is nice to have such a sweet and lovable little boy to share my time with. I love watching Alex's face when Sam gets home and Alex runs into his arms. Sometimes Alex doesn't get to see Sam at all in a whole day; I can tell they miss each other. Alex is the bright moment in every single day. I feel so lucky to have this miracle in my life.


Janelle said...

So cheeky!

Trina said...

I love cute little bums! And face cheeks too, but especially cute little bums!

Rachel said...

I'm still laughing at those pictures. SO FUNNY!

He is adorable. I'm glad you are enjoying being a Mom. It's the best!

The Paxton Family said...

I just love baby bum cheeks! I love the picture of Alex at the tub!
It is so sad when kids don't get to see one of their parents all day! Especially if they are gone for a trip! Mak hates going to the airport because she always thinks Jordan is leaving :-( but when they first see them after an absence is SO sweet!

Bryan and Ellie said...

Oh, I hope this becomes a blackmail picture some day. I would LOVE to have seen a naked baby picture of Bryan. Nothing makes me giggle like a naked baby booty.

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