We spent a Saturday afternoon at Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens. I was supposed to be getting certified as a TurboKick instructor but it got canceled because too few people signed up. I was sad it was canceled but I was glad we got to enjoy the beautiful day as a family.

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We watched a bird show on our way out. Alex was especially amazed. I was amazed that Alex was answering questions about the birds. He retains all sorts of information. I wish I had a memory like his.

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 photo Arboretum11_zpseugiw4y4.jpg

They trained a bird to snatch money out of our hands for tips. Brilliant. I bet they made a fortune.

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 photo Arboretum13_zpsvs5d6tnn.jpg

We walked right under a moving train and it was loud!

 photo Arboretum14_zps761vcago.jpg

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