Lehi Days

My neighborhood has an annual rodeo and I really wanted to go and have Sam experience it! About a month ago we started planning on going home and we kept it a secret from my family. Sam's great-aunt has been sick and so we were worried the trip might have to be canceled but thankfully she is stable now. So on Friday after my last class we left Provo and drove to Mesa. When we got there, we went into my house and no one was there! We figured they were still at the Lehi Days Dance so we went to the church to find them.

As soon as we walked in, my dad smiled and my mom just looked at us blankly. Suddenly it registered that we weren't supposed to be there and she got so excited! My brothers were also very happy to see us but they thought it was ridiculous that we drove nine hours to go to a rodeo.

However! The rodeo was awesome! I had forgotten how great it was. My family was really involved! My dad helped get everyone ready for their turn. My mom coordinated late sign ups for the events (I helped!). David said the Pledge of Allegiance to start out the rodeo. Adam did the calf ride. Flannel and Adam did goat dressing together. And Flannel did the rescue race.

Adam and Flannel getting ready for the goat dressing.

Dad doing his job. :-)

Enjoying the rodeo! And the nice weather!

This is a video of the rescue race. It took Flannel a little while to get on because the horse stopped before the line and he wasn't allowed to run up to the horse or else they would have been disqualified.


Casey said...

Hey I made some st patricks day layouts too!

Holly Janeen said...

that is too cool.
1. that you went home randomly.
2. that you got to enjoy good ol' lehi days... shucks... makes me miss home.

Randi said...

That's pretty sweet.

Candi said...

I so happy you got to come and visit. I love suprises! your parents must of been so happy!
glad you had a great time!

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