We've been robbed!

I will try to keep my swear word substitutes to a minimum, but I am very angry so we'll see how this goes.

Have you ever seen "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"? In that movie, the girl buys the guy a love fern. It was just a fern that represented their love. Nerdy, but adorable.

For my first Valentine's Day with Sam (2007), I bought him a love fern. It was more of a pine tree. He has moved to Fresno and back, and Denver and back with it. We have watered it and loved it. It was our love fern.

Our apartment complex management is insane and they won't let anyone have things on their balcony. We can only have patio furniture and barbecues. Patio furniture includes potted plants though so our love fern was safe! Or so we thought...

Our love fern disappeared! I called the apartment management and they told me to talk to the maintenance crew. I went to the maintenance office and they took me to the storage facility. Everything confiscated was placed in storage. We looked and looked and couldn't find it. I went home and called the apartment management again. They told me they would find it since everything confiscated is always placed in storage. Then they would call me back.

A few hours later, the maintenance supervisor called me to apologize. He had forgotten to specify to his crew that "patio furniture" included potted plants so they had removed our plant. While trying to get it over the balcony, it had been dropped, had broken, and had been thrown away.

It is ridiculous that this means so much to me, but it is something we have had since we were barely dating. We planned on planting it in our front yard when we bought our first house. We always said we were watering it to keep it alive like we were keeping our love alive (I know that the plant being gone doesn't mean our love is dead).

I want to just forget about it but I feel like we have been robbed. Violated. I wish they had brought us the broken plant and we could have tried saving it. Who "accidentally" steals someone's property, breaks it, and then just throws it away?!

They offered to buy us a new one or let us buy a new one, turn in the receipt, and have our rent credited. That doesn't seem like enough. I don't want a new one. It was irreplaceable. Argh!

Warning to everyone who reads this blog: NEVER LIVE AT THE BRANBURY! They will make your life miserable. And they won't even feel bad about it.

Anyone want to buy my contract? (So maybe I am not a good salesman.)

That circle is where our love fern used to live before it was murdered.

Goodbye, love fern. You were awesome!


Camille said...

Sorry to hear your love fern is dead. Obviously you are inconsolable, so I won't even bother trying to make you feel better.

Jason & Shannon said...

OH NO! That frustrates me! I'm sorry they killed your love fern!

Spencer and Anna said...

Sorry to hear about the passing of your love fern!

Randi said...

Oh no! Your poor love fern. That is super lame. You put it nicely when you say it was murdered. Those guys are not very intelligent.

Catherine Glad said...

Okay, so I feel SO bad about your "Love Fern" because when Jason and I were dating he gave me a "Love Fish." I had never had a pet before so on my birthday (about 2-weeks after we started dating) Jason bought me 'Mr. Happy' my dear, beloved Beta Fish and said that our love was like this fish and that I had to keep the fish alive to keep our relationship alive...blah, blah, blah. So, I cared for and loved my fish from September - April (hey, that's a good life for a fish) and the day I took Jason to the airport to go out selling for the summer I came back and my "Love Fish" was dead. Talk about a bad day. I knew it was a sign that our love wouldn't last a summer apart!!! It took Jason a long phone call to convince me that he still loved me even though our "Love Fish" had died. Rest in peace our dearly beloved "Love Fish" and "Love Fern."

Jen said...

After reading this I think that I somewhat feel of the despair, hurt and outrage at such vandalism!!!! What were they thinking??? Are they going to rob your LOVE next???? Grrr Argh!!!

Holly Janeen said...

that is so INFURIATING! the NERVE of some people!!!! seriously lame. i dont blame you for being angry... i would be to! and no doubt Jeff would bust someone over it ;)

but, i just have to say that your dramatic ending to the story with that pot circle picture- is HILARIOUS. i mean, very sad. but... still, HILARIOUS.

Brea said...

That is absolutly HORRID!! I cannot believe that! you should press charges!!! I hate appartments! they just don't understand and don't care to understand! Emily I am so sorry! :(

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