The weekend

We had a very busy weekend. Here are a few of the things we did...

1. Dinner and a Movie

On Friday night, Sam and I went out to dinner and then saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was very good but much longer than I thought it would be. I was very tired by the time we got home and had to wake up early the next morning because it was the...

2. Splash and Dash 2009

This is the third year Sam and I have competed in the team division of the Splash and Dash. I swim one mile and then he runs a 10K. I finished it in my fastest time so far! 29 minutes and 12 seconds! Much slower than I was in high school but I am 5 months pregnant, so I was proud of myself. And the baby was trying to help me kick. It was very cute. But wasn't really helping.

My sister (Michelle) also swam in the team division. This is the third year she has done it with us too! She beat me by 100 yards, which ended up being a little less than three minutes (her time was 26.24).
One of the few times Michelle and I were actually next to each other (I am on the left in this picture).

After we finished. I was tie-erd!

Michelle and Jaime waiting for Sam to finish...

Michelle's niece (Jaime) ran for her and she was amazing! She held to 7 minute 15 second miles for the entire 10K! In case you don't know, that is fast.
Anna (Sam's sister) ran with him even though she wasn't competing.

Sam and Anna have been running together four times a week because they are training for a half marathon.
They finished the 10K in an hour. Once they finished the 10K they ran three more miles to keep to their training regimen. Insane.

3. Eating grapefruit
I asked Sam to bring me a grapefruit and this is what he brought me. That is almost in half, Sam. Awesome. At least he tried.

4. Women's Conference
My stake had a women's conference yesterday. I was two and a half hours late because of the Splash and Dash but I am still so glad I went. I learned that I really need to stop comparing myself to other people. I realized that I am always admiring other women for their strengths and building one super woman/mom out of each different person and then comparing myself to that "person."

5. Orchestra concert

This was probably my last orchestra concert ever. It is hard to believe that I have played the violin for eleven years. I haven't done anything else for eleven years! Except eat. And swim. I am really proud of myself for sticking to it because a lot of people quit when they get to college. Lots of family and friends came to support me (Kayla, Justine, Jacob, Matthew, Laura, Michelle, Sheldon, Sam, Grandma, and Grandpa). My grandma called me after they left and thanked me for sticking with it for so long because she really enjoyed listening to it. It made me happy.This is me and my stand partner Wendy after the concert. She is so nice and she is incredibly athletic. She ran to orchestra every week and I am pretty sure she could kick your butt.

6. Festival of Colors

Since Sam is moving to Ohio tomorrow, we decided we should do something that is a very Utah thing. It just happened that yesterday was the Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna temple. We left for the temple about one hour before the color throwing began but traffic was so backed up and it took us two hours to get there! At least we stayed clean. It was still fun to see the temple and listen to the music which consisted of "Hare Krishna" repeated over and over.
My brother (Matthew, on right) with his roommates.

While everyone was throwing the colors. I stole this picture from Matthew's roommate's facebook.

Sam in front of the Hare Krishna temple.

7. Dinner with Micheldon

I wish I had taken a picture. We went out to dinner with my sister and brother-in-law (Michelle and Sheldon = Micheldon). I am so sad that we will be moving away from them. They are so much fun and are always so sweet.
It was a fun dinner and a nice end to a very long day.


Candida said...

Looks like you have been busy! I love the festival of colors! That would be so much fun to do!

danielle said...

I'm so proud of you, sticking with orchestra! Lord knows that I haven't. Go EMILY! Not to mention, I've never swam a mile in my life!

Randi said...

Wow you are so awesome! Swimming, playing the violin! I think I forgot you did that. That is awesome! Whenever I hear that song on the radio, Where Is the Love?, I always think of you and picture you signing it at our talent show.

You are so darn talented Emily.

Chris and Andrea said...

It looks like you and Sam had a fun time. Where and when are you moving?

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