Being a girl...

Sam wonders why I always have my purse. Even if we are just leaving the apartment for a few minutes.

It's because my phone is too big for my pocket! We have the same phone and his phone fits in his pocket just fine.

Let me demonstrate the problem.

My pants are on the left and his pants are on the right. Not only is his pocket monstrous compared to mine, his pants are also looser.

So... quiet about my purse, fiend! I will carry it if I want to!


Disney Princess Babushka said...

Not to mention that you are pregnant and you can do whateva you wish man! Hahahahaha

J S said...

That's right woman! Be strong! Haha, I always take my purse everywhere, I keep everything there!

Camille Elise said...


I mean, I would LOVE not to have to carry my purse but I have so many things I have to bring with me.
1. Wallet
3. Water
4. Phone
5. Sanitizer
6. ETC....

Randi said...

Seriously they don't understand. I sometimes try to bring less things in my purse, but then I say to myself, "What if.." and then I put more things in there. I just have to be prepared ya know.

Lindsey Layton said...

Haha! That is SO true! Tanner just laughs any time I mention that I'm jealous of his picket size.

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