What goes down must come... up?

I feel like I have been very lucky throughout this pregnancy.
I have had little or no morning sickness.
I cry like a pro at the tiniest incentive but I don't have major mood swings.
The baby is healthy.
I feel happy and strong.

It seems my luck has run out.
[If you don't like gross things, do not read this...

Last weekend I proudly announced to some friends that I had not thrown up yet! There were definitely times that I wanted to but I would close my eyes and take deep breaths until I didn't feel dizzy anymore.

And then that all changed...

I had an appointment with the doctor to see if I have gestational diabetes. I had to drink a very syrupy drink one hour before getting blood drawn. Last time I had blood drawn, they couldn't find a vein. And after about 18 pokes, I looked like this (on one arm):

I drank the syrup stuff and then Sam drove me to the doctor's office. While sitting and waiting, I started feeling sick because it was so hot. Finally the hour had passed and they drew my blood on the first try. I watched like I always do. It usually doesn't bother me.

I was still feeling hot and dizzy so I stayed sitting for a few minutes then felt all better and decided to leave so Sam could get to work.

During the twenty minute drive home, I started feeling sick again. Everything was really loud and then suddenly everything was silent and I knew I had failed in trying to cool myself off and calm down.

I couldn't get the window down in time.

I threw up in my hands.

I asked Sam to roll down the window.

With my hands full of throw up, and more on the way, we kept driving.

I threw the mess out the window. While driving. Fast. On the freeway.

I found a yogurt container on the floor of Sam's car and threw up a couple more times into that. There was throw up everywhere!

It was in my hair (because the wind had blown it off of my face),
dripping down my chin,
in a puddle that I was sitting in,
on the carpet,
on my purse,
on my shoe,
and streaking across the side of Sam's car.

Sam would not even look at me because he said that would have made him throw up.

I cannot believe that the first time I threw up during this pregnancy was because of a stupid glucola test and not even morning sickness! I had been doing so well! At least it was a funny experience. Yum yum.


Camille Elise said...

Oh me oh my. I am laughing so hard. Of course, I realize it MUST have been a traumatic experience...alas, I cannot help myself. You poor thing. That is gross!!! I am sure you took a good long shower following that car ride.

The Paxton Family said...

haha! that's gross! i'm sorry you went through that, but hopefully that was the last time right? so did sam make you clean the car too? mean boys!

Spencer and Anna said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Ironically enough, the first time I really threw up was in our car, too. Funny. My experience wasn't quite as intense as yours, though. You win. :)

Disney Princess Babushka said...

Oh Em that's hilarious and sad all at the same time!

J S said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry! That sounds awful!!! I hate throwing up and I can't even imagine what I would do if I threw up in the car!

Geneva said...

Oh my gosh you poor thing! I want to cry just thinking about it. I'm glad you can laugh it off though. I hear pet spray gets vomit smell out of cars. I hope you never throw up again!

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Oh Emily!! How traumatic...and yet...so funny. I only say that because I feel your pain...and poor Sam! Jeff has felt the same way numerous times, but thankfully he's been able to stick it out too :) Hopefully this will be the last of your 'throw up' experience during pregnancy. I'll cross my fingers for you!!

Laura said...

Poor thing!!! How miserable. I'm sorry. At least it was just the one time, and not all throughout your pregnancy.

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

ohhhhhhhh goodness! The joys of pregnancy! Throwing up in the care is the worst! That's all I have to say:)

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