Alex is aging! (9 months)

Weight: 16 pounds, 8 ounces
Length: 27 inches

This month's stats:
-scratches on face: 2
-bruises on forehead today: Shockingly, 0 (but the day is not over)
-days this months spent with bruises on forehead: 20
-eye almost poked out: 1
-bruises on shins: 1
-face dives off of bed: 2
-attempted face dives off bed: countless
-leaves/weeds Alex has choked on: 3
-Cheerios Alex has choked on: 4 1/3
-rocks Alex has sucked on: 3
-rocks found in Alex's carseat days later: 1
-pieces of candy Sam has covertly let Alex suck on: 8
-cuts on Alex's knuckles from Baby Fight Club: 2

He helps us clean off our shelves (we had to do some rearranging).

Swing buddies.

His final time in the infant waiting room.

We took him to see a movie.

He loves the park.

Favorite part of the park.

No better toy than keys.

Sticking out his tongue under his pacifier.

Drugged gansta.

Pulling out the garbage bag. Delicious.

Granny feet, fresh from the tub.

Eating grapes.

Bulking up.

Playing Bocce Ball.

He follows us up and down the hallway.

He learned how to open drawers...

...and cabinets.

He tips over his toys.

He eats the nasal aspirator.

He plays with the cooler handle. All the time.


Happy to see us after a nap.
If Sam is home when Alex wakes up, we both race in there to be the first to pick him up.

Do you think he's hungry?

He helps us clean off our night stands.

He especially likes Daddy's night stand.

His toes are tasty.

He puts himself to sleep in weird positions.

He loves grown up toys the most.

He is too cute to handle.

He stands up with one hand holding on to something then looks at us and smiles like he is proud of himself.

Playing under the table.

He is getting so smart!

Action shot: Pulling the garbage can down on top of himself.

He wears Daddy's name tag.

Learned how to get out from under the kitchen table. Finally.

We taught him how to play baseball.

He laughs at his photo album.

He always closes the door to play with the door stop then he can't figure out how to get it open again.

He eats his toes.

He is getting better at eating Cheerios.

He had apple juice for the first time!

He went through a carwash for the first time!

He carries on a conversation with Sam.

He pulled himself up on this toy and walked!

He is very selective about which toys he will like.

He talks while falling asleep.

He has learned how to clap!

He climbed onto the bed.

He watched Baby Einstein for the first time.

He runs out of places to put his toys.

He has mood swings.

He doesn't like to perform for the camera.

The kitchen is his favorite room.

He loves playing outside.

We torture our son in the following ways:
Finger nail polish in/around his ear.

We let the pediatrician write on his foot.

We don't change his diaper often enough.

Here are a few more things Alex does for which I do not have a matching picture:
...crawls around with toys in his hands.
...has a perpetual bruise on his forehead.
...gives kisses.
...pushes the bathroom scale up to the tub and tries to climb in.
...pulls himself up to the toilet.
...gets very excited to nurse. When I start getting ready, he will climb up on my lap and try to nurse while sitting.
...makes the sounds ba, da, ga, guh, duh.
...crawls under the table and gets stuck.
...is nursing better than ever before.
...is very good at eating solids.
...tries to climb out of his high chair so we have to buckle him in now.
...crawls into his room and plays alone.
...has learned the pincer grasp.
...loves playing with the xylophone. He gets satisfaction out of producing noise.


Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Yay!!! He's getting so big!! So does he stand up and walk while holding onto something?? I can't believe that he's so grown up already!

Holly Janeen said...

check out that chinese comment! ditto to whatever they said! haha.

anyways, um, i must say this is THE best post ever.
you get Mother of the Year award, seriously. i am so wishing i was a good mom like you and wrote like this about my kids.

i LOVE your little alex. he is adorable, perfect, wonderful, handsome, funny and just growing up so fast! i wish desperately that our boys could play together... and that we could have some mommy time... oh what fun.

i heart your life.

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

okay, so maybe I didn't see the movies you posted??? But I watched them and I saw the one with him walking with his toy...btw where do you get his toys?! Wyatt isn't as lucky, I guess :)

And Alex is so so so adorable!! I love the movie of him clapping and especially the one where he's having a conversation with Sam...oh geez!! I can't wait!! Alex is so precious :)

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