Sam got free tickets to a Lehigh Valley IronPigs game. They are the AAA farm team for the Phillies. I had never been to a minor league game before and it was awesome! They were constantly doing activities for the kids (chants, races, spaghetti eating contests, playing bingo). It was fun to meet some other interns that Sam will be working with. It was really hot and the game went way past Alex's bedtime, but we loved it and hope to go again soon. The suite was nice as well. :)


Bryan and Ellie said...

Watch out when the Columbus Clippers come to town!

The Paxton Family said...

i love minor league baseball! it's the best! everything is cheaper, you can sometimes still see big-league players (or even ex-players!) and they do a lot more "fun" things to keep you entertained througout the game!
glad you had fun! :-) you guys are doing to many fun things! really cool!
and by the way, alex is looking as stunning as ever! what a cutie!

Rebecca said...

You do so many fun things!! I'm jealous, I need to start finding out whats going on in my own town. I need out of my apartment!

The Johnsons said...

So Emily are you a big sports fan as well or is this all Sam??

Geevz said...

you know the only time I went to a minor game was when John went with a bunch of the other interns. It was a total blast and I won a pearl necklace. Sometimes our lives seem to overlap experiences :)

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