Lucky duck.

On our way home from Allentown (after we were there looking for housing), we got pulled over. Sam has really bad luck and gets a ticket almost every single time he gets pulled over. A few years ago, they even made him do a field sobriety test! However, this time the officer was very generous and he didn't give Sam a ticket! Yippee! I count this as a bargain! For more Saturday Steals, click here.

Alex slept through the entire thing.


I Heart Monster said...

A bargain indeed! Congrats on dodging the fine. A very great steal.

Rebecca said...

haha Sam just looks suspicious! I always hope that if I get pulled over they'll forgive me by looking at Hailey...we'll see.

Camille said...

Man, that IS a steal. Tickets are expensive. (If I sound like I know from experience, it's because I DO.)

Congrats on the steal and the sweet sleeping baby who is very cute.

And thanks for participating. Sorry I let you down last week.

Janelle said...

Way home from Allentown? I thought you were living there now.

Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

That is like me. I never get let off.

Love the Farmer's Market

Merkley Jiating said...

We do live here now. That happened when we visited while looking for housing.

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