My Top (or bottom?) Five

I sometimes feel like I am a bad mom. I have thought back over the past nine months and I have compiled my Top Five Bad Mom Moments.

1. When Alex was three weeks old, my brother got married. It was a pretty warm day in Sacramento and after we came out of the temple, we put him right in his carseat -- which had been facing the sun. He was screaming.

2. When Alex was about a month old, a woman in our ward asked me his name and I could not remember it. About a week later, she asked me to remind her of his name and I forgot it again.

3. He has fallen off the bed five times now. We could ask, "When will he learn?" but I think the more appropriate question is, "When will we learn?"

4. We often give him paper to play with. It seemed like a good idea, until we could read the writing on the paper in his diaper.

5. There have been multiple occasions where I have not dressed him warmly enough. One example is when we went to Skaneateles in December where the temperature was in the low 30s.

 Luckily there are moments where I can see Alex growing, learning, and developing and they make me forgive myself a little for all of the bad decisions.


Kendra said...

Keep on forgiving yourself... i know I have to.

Bridget said...

Let's just say that one time I bit Miriam on the head (in my sleep, when she was a baby and was sleeping next to me). She had actual teeth marks on her forehead. I think I beat you. You're doing a great job.

The Paxton Family said...

haha! what cute "bad mommy moments" though! You are adorable, and a GREAT mom too! Whenever I have a bad mom moment I always call my mom and thank her! I think I have it so rough with two... I can't even imagine my mom with six! Crazy!
And last night, when Mak came sneaking into our room at 6 in the morning to sleep with us... she scared me and I elbowed her right in the face! She had a bloody nose and everything! I felt HORRIBLE! but all she wanted to do was hug me. We are so blessed as mom's to have that "mom-factor" that lets our kids forgive us almost anything! :-)

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...
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Holly Janeen said...

oh honey child. i have you beat. in fact, i cannot even put you and bad mom in the same sentance. wait, i just did. but i mean, they just dont go together! and alex is adorable. you are just right for him.

the other day i was thinking of your post about when you were walking and breastfeeding at the same time. basically i was in a situation where i wished i COULD do that. if you ever want to give a tutorial... feel free :)

Rachel said...

Yeah, we all have those bad mommy moments, that's fur sure. Good thing kids are so forgiving and so resilient!

Amber Smith said...

Emily, you should listen to these people. Those are not that bad. I ran Shane's head into a door knob once when he was really young that gave him a dent in his head. A few months later I put him in his bumbo on top of the toilet (can we say stupid!) He fell off, hit his head on the counter and landed face down on the floor with the bumbo on top of him. That very day I was picking him up after changing his diaper and dropped him on the floor. I think it was a few days before I felt comfortable holding him again.

You are doing fabulous if these are your top 5 :)

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