Mommy, Mom, Grandma

There are a lot of moms in my life but today I just want to say thank you to a few people.

First, my own mother. I thought I was grateful for my mom last year. I now respect my mother so much more. She has done so much for me and is a great example. I couldn't have a better mother if I designed her myself.

Second, my mother-in-law. She loves me like her own. That's all I could ever hope or ask for.

Third, my studly son, Alex. For making me a mommy. The amount I love this boy is incomprehensible.The look on his face when he sees me makes my heart melt and know that I must be doing something right. He made my mothers into grandmothers.


Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Hooray for mothers! Happy Mother's Day, Emily!

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

...oh, PS, don't you miss that newborn stage?!

Janelle said...

I used to snuggle with you like that. Time. It leaves a lot of memories, but sometimes I wish I could go back to special moments. Your record will let you do that in a way. I guess I just have to wait until there is "time no longer." I can look at that picture and just smell him, and he doesn't smell like soggy Cheerios.

The Paxton Family said...

What a cute picture! Happy Mother's Day! You are one great Mommy!

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