Alex and I went and picked apples with Kristen (and Canon) and Lindsey (and Graham). The boys all enjoyed eating an apple and surprised us with their skills to eat a whole apple! We went to pick a certain kind of apple and we ended up getting confused and picking apples that weren't ready yet. It turns out, the accidentally-picked apples were more delicious than the ones we meant to pick! I am excited to go back and get some more, and also learn the name of them!


Natalie Buchkovich said...

Grisamore is such a fun place! I hope to make it this fall to get some apples too!!

The Paxton Family said...

I love the picture of Alex standing there eating his apple! So cute! I just can't believe how big he's getting! Glad you are having so much fun back in Ithica!

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

You and Alex do so many fun things! Love it

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