There were a few activities when we got back to Cornell and I was so excited that families were invited to them!

The first activity was the HCA (Human Capitol Association) Night at The Nines. There was delicious food and it was so fun to see everyone again. Everyone was very excited to see Alex and couldn't believe how big he had gotten. Immediately after we handed him to Becky, Alex rested his head on her shoulder and kept it there for a few minutes! It was so cute! He isn't really a cuddly kid but Becky must be very comforting.

The next activity is where we were going when we got stranded on campus. It was the GSA (Graduate Student Association) Opening Social. Alex was running around like a madman trying to go up the dangerous stairs. We weren't stranded on campus for long, or at all, because we had some awesome friends who were willing to drive us home from the activity when it ended.

We are looking forward to more events during the year. It is really fun for me to get to know Sam's classmates and Alex seems to like all of the attention.

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