Spur of the moment.

Rachel is amazing at getting people together to do things at the last minute! Two separate times now we have put our kids to bed and then gone out to chat! The first time was an interesting experience. The cashier took about thirty minutes to get our order because he was too busy flirting with Rachel. He asked us if we were going to go out partying later that night and I told him we would be going back to our kids. He couldn't believe we had kids. Luckily, the next time we went back, he wasn't working and it was a much better experience. We are trying to get more girls from our ward to come with us but, for some odd reason, people are busy at 9pm. It's strange.

I know that I could not look any trashier than that second visit to Panera. I am not sure what possessed me to wear that outfit but it will not be happening again.


Natalie Buchkovich said...

Those really are the best kind of girls nights out! And that is so funny that the guy was flirting with you!!!

The Harker's said...

Yeah for GNO's!!!:):) Spur of the moment ones too.:)

Rebecca said...

okay i am NOT busy at 9 p.m. and would go with you!! haha i need to start this in my ward!

Bridget said...

So fun!

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