At the park with friends.

Our friends, the Johnsons, who we went with to Niagara Falls last year have since moved to New York City to start real life (he graduated and got a full-time job). They came back to visit for a day but they are so popular and everyone wanted to see them! They had to have a party at the park (8.25.10)! It was fun to see them again. We miss their presence in Ithaca and every time we drive past their old house we look to see if magically they've come back. No such luck yet, but we will keep checking.

Alex was digging through the Harker's fruit bowl. He ate everything that was left. He is such a ridiculously large mooch. He doesn't like the food I try to give him but any food other people have is suddenly the most delicious thing in the world. He acts like we starve him. At least he is a cute mooch.

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The Harker's said...

What cute pictures! I will gladly let Alex eat all of our fruit since he is just so cute doing it.:) It was such a fun night. We should all have dinner at the park again together soon.:)

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