Because I got high...

Sam has this strange song on his iPod by Afroman. He sings a bunch of things he was going to do but then says he didn't end up doing them because he got high. That's kind of how I feel about blogging. Except the getting high part; more like I felt like I had better things to do like sit out in the grass and watch Alex run around. I have about twelve update posts I need to do but I will go in chronological order.

So the first thing is to look back on the summer and assess how we did with our goals.

1. Attend the temple - check.
2. Visit Jason - check.
3. Visit Libby - check.
4. Hershey Park - check.
5. Register Sam's car - check.
6. Paint Alex's dresser, crib, and changing table - eeeeehhh, so I painted his dresser and our end table but then the dresser got really messed up in the move back to Ithaca and so I need to give it some touching up.
7. Make a food storage plan - check.
8. Passports - check.
9. Lehigh Valley Zoo - check.
10. Philadelphia Zoo - check.
11. Iron Pigs games - check. We ended up only going to one. Although Sam was offered free tickets to plenty of games, we always had other things going on.
12. Phillies vs. D-Backs game - check.
13. Camping in the Poconos - check.
14. Buy a car (and sell my car) - no check. We decided to wait until next summer to buy a new car and just use one car through the next year. But we weren't able to sell my car. We are still trying.
15. Hill Cumorah Pageant - check.
16. Learn how to use my camera - no check. Not even close. But I'm getting better.
17. Go to Sonic - check.
18. Scrapbook - check.
19. Sew a carseat blanket cover - Nope. I will do this when we have another baby, I guess.
20. Read lots of books - half check. I completed Mockingjay, The Host, 44 Scotland Street, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and Ender's Game. I did not complete Atlas Shrugged, The Jungle, Mere Christianity (currently reading), The Screwtape Letters, These is My Words, Book of a Thousand Days, or Goose Girl.
21. Crayola Factory - We went to the Crayola Store so I am counting this as complete. Check.
22. Berry picking - check.
23. Dorney Park - check.
24. Easton Farmers' Market - check.
25. Allentown Art Museum - Nope. We didn't even try. We are sad we didn't go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art though.
26. Crystal Cave - check.
27. Miniature golf - check.
28. DaVinci Science Center - check.
29. Grille 3501 - We decided it was too fancy and expensive so we didn't go. No check.
30. Muhlenberg College - check.
31. Golfing - no check. Sam is very sad about this.
32. Jim's Steaks - double check.
33. Dry clean bedspread - check.
34. Cut hair - no check. For now.


Elena said...

You had a lot of goals! Holy Moly! Congrats of finishing almost all of them, that's pretty impressive.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Did you not read Catching fire?

The Harker's said...

Great list! You accomplished alot. I would just love a list like that, just so I could then check everything off and feel super more accomplished then I normally do. Great idea!:)

Merkley Jiating said...

I read Hunger Games and Catching Fire a while ago. I was just waiting for Mockingjay to come out. Have you read the series?!

The Macks said...

I just finished Enders Game- loved it, and I'm reading Atlas Shrugged. So far its really good as well, though I have a crappy print and cant always read the words where the spine is. Makes it slow going.

The Paxton Family said...

First: I am always amazed/inspired by the amount of time and effort you tak in putting you pictures on you blogs, labels, organized, etc! Bravo! I love it!
Second: I LOVE Atlas Shrugged! One of my top 10 favorite books of all time! I read it in high school, and while my sister is a big fan of all things Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged is the only one I liked/loved :-)
Third: as always, Alex is a cutie pie! Love that kid! Hope to see him again someday! (And his super mom too!)

Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

AWESOME!! You seriously are the energizer bunny and I love your motivation and goals...way to be, way to be :)

The One Klar said...

Dear Emily,
Let's PLEASE be book buddies. I really need to know what to read, and the books that you did read are on my list, and the ones that you didn't get to finish, I have finished. We are a perfect match. Deal?

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