December in Ithaca

Before we left Ithaca, we had a few celebrations with friends. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) had a few activities. We went to a Christmas party late one night. Our friends who live in our building listened to a baby monitor that was in Alex's room. Is that legal? It worked really well and we were so glad we were able to go and visit with Sam's school friends.

Sheranians and Merkleys

I had to be to our ward Christmas party an hour early to set up so Sam and Alex went to the GSA bowling night. I sent the camera with Sam and put him in charge of taking pictures. This is the one picture he came back with.

Our ward Christmas party was really fun. The food was delicious. It was nice to see everyone one last time before everyone took off for Christmas.


We have two good friends (whose husbands are also in Sam's program) who graduated and moved away from Ithaca. We were so sad to see them go so some girls went out to ice cream a few nights before they moved away. We went and kidnapped Melissa and then went over to visit Amy later. Amy wasn't able to come out to ice cream because her husband was out of town so she had to stay home with her kids. These girls are such good friends and I am going to miss them so much next semester.
Melissa, Emily, & Amy; Rachel, Trina, Melissa, & Emily
Alex, Sam, and Dave; Amy and Piper

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