Pregnancy Update

Due to my slacking on blogging, somehow it seems like this pregnancy has flown by almost undocumented. I am 32 weeks now. I will have another child in roughly two months.

The day after I got back from Arizona, I had an ultrasound to check the baby's growth and the choroid plexus cyst. His heart rate was 138 BPM. Our prayers were answered and the cyst is gone! He was growing perfectly. I was so relieved!

Ultrasound pictures always look super creepy but I was shocked how much this baby looks like Edison. I showed it to Alex and then he and Sam had this conversation:
Sam: Alex, this is a picture of baby [name removed].
Alex: But he's not real!
Sam: That's a picture of him in mommy's belly that the doctor took with her fancy machines.
Alex: Oh. [Mind blown]

 photo Pregnant1_zps3c703ef5.jpg

The baby isn't the only one growing. I am growing like a mad woman. I started wearing maternity clothes at 21 weeks.

 photo Pregnant2_zps9d50be76.jpg

My anger issues almost completely disappeared a day or two after I talked to my doctor about it. I am glad I turned down the anti-depressants. I think once I recognized what was going on with my body, I was able to control it a lot better.

Edison is really interested in my belly. He is constantly blowing on it, kissing it, or just smashing it. Alex understands where his baby brother is and will ask how he is doing. However, we did have the classic conversation:
Alex: He's in your mouth?
Emily: No. He's in my belly.
Alex: You ATE him?!

 photo Pregnant3_zps9028629d.jpg

The baby has a name now. Alex will tell people if they ask and it is so funny. Only funny because of how he says the name, not funny that he is blabbing the name all over town.

 I can still sleep on my back which is surprising because normally it is uncomfortable by this point.

At 28 weeks, I took the glucose tolerance test. I felt sick while drinking it but as soon as I was done I felt great and was able to get to my appointment without any problems. The past three (twice while pregnant with Alex) times I have had to drink it, I have struggled to finish in the allotted 10 minutes. This time, I had the whole thing down in five minutes. I think Sam is pleased I didn't throw up in the car this time. The phlebotomist was able to get blood the first attempt and a few days later I learned that I do not have gestational diabetes! Woohoo!

 photo Pregnant4_zps9f92d1d5.jpg

I took a childbirth class at the hospital. I was the only person there who was not a first-time mom and I was also the only one who did not have a coach/husband there. My coach was at home watching my other kids! It was a long class but I enjoyed it and am glad I was able to get a refresher course. I was sad we weren't able to go on a tour of the birth center though. I still have no idea where to go when I am in labor.

 photo Pregnant5_zps496456e2.jpg

My face looks so fat. But this is the perfect example of how our days go. I sit down and the boys pile on my lap. If I sit on the ground, Edison will try sitting on my lap. But my lap is quickly disappearing so he just keeps trying to back up more and more and instead he is bouncing off my belly.

 photo Pregnant6_zpsba4207b0.jpg

I made a countdown of the days left when there were 76 days to go. Now there are only 54 days until my due date!

 photo Pregnant7_zps0df87466.jpg

At my last appointment, I had lost weight and my belly is also measuring small. The doctor doesn't seem concerned though. I have already gained 30 pounds. She wants me to gain more weight because I started out "underweight." I was not underweight, but I will definitely be gaining more weight in the next eight weeks so it was good to not have a guilt trip. I crave root beer floats. Multiple times a day. I also started craving apples so at least I have something healthy in there. My belly looks super lopsided. I think that was my pants. Or maybe my belly is just bumpy like that. Hmm.

 photo Pregnant8_zpsafc34b2e.jpg

The boys kissing their baby brother goodnight. We will see this baby boy so soon!

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Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I love this post. I don't want to say I'm baby hungry (even though it really feels like it) but I'm really glad I know so many people who are having babies...it's like I get to live vicariously through them :) So keep up these baby posts, I know there won't be very many more! Also, I'm glad that everything worked out with baby boy and that there aren't any issues :) Your boys are so so cute, and I'm sure they're super excited to meet their littlest brother!

Carissa and Tanner said...

I love you and your boys! Your kids are hilarious. Can't wait to meet the new one!

Holly Decker said...

dying to know the name. thanks for the update... i have been super curious!!

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