Toddler Bowling

I joined a group for toddlers in Williston. There are activities and play dates planned through the group as well as mom's nights. It has been really good to meet more moms and find out things to do in Williston.

The first activity we went to was bowling. I was worried because it would be running into naptime but the boys are usually pretty flexible. Edison fell asleep a few hours early though! It was crazy. He just got his own blanket and then was asleep on the bed. Weird. But it made it so he was really happy while bowling.

 photo Bowling1_zps82ae2615.jpg

There were at least 20 kids there and the boys loved it. It was during Sam's lunch so he came to watch the boys play. Alex wanted to take everyone's turn and Edison just wanted to run around. It was kind of crazy in there with so many kids. Luckily the bowling alley was empty besides the toddler group so we weren't disrupting anyone. There was definitely more than one attempt by kids who wanted to become the bowling ball themselves.

 photo Bowling2_zpse47d1b35.jpg


Rachel said...

I'm impressed he threw the ball without the help of one of those ramps. Way to go! And I love the top left picture of him dancing/celebrating. So cute!

Paxton said...

Edison sleeping on the bed is just so precious! Your kids are pretty awesome!

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