L is for...

I decided to do another month of blogging each day. It seems like my best chance at keeping up with our lives before the baby comes next month. Another big reason to do it is that I really don't feel like blogging at all. I don't want to lose this last month as a family of four though. So here we go...

L is for: the Longest meals ever because our Lazy child wants us to Lift every bite into his mouth.
(Yeah, it's a stretch. I'm tired.)

Mealtime is a huge challenge for the adults in our house. I guess the kids have complaints as well. People ask me if Alex is a picky eater. He is picky in that he doesn't want to eat. Anything. He will say he's hungry and when I ask if he is ready for lunch he will say, "No, I'm different hungry." Meaning he wants a snack (the "s" on "snack" is optional).

We are going to try yet another method to get him to eat. We have been leaving him in his high chair for hours or until bedtime, whichever comes first. Then we put his food in the fridge and he eats it for breakfast. Now we are going to give him a time limit from the start and if he doesn't finish before time runs out, he will be able to get out of his chair but he has to eat the food before he has anything else to eat. Hopefully this will make our nights a little happier. I don't want to ruin his relationship with food. I want us to have happy dinners. I can't believe we are those torturous parents who actually expect their kids to eat food. How dare we?!

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Paxton said...

Oscar does the same thing and it is PAINFUL! I will tell you we have tried everything that you just wrote about, the only things that have worked for us is VERY small portions or when Jordan yells at him.
But really what helped the most is somehow Makayla made a game of finishing her plate first. She would eat everything then say to Jordan "I beat you! I'm finished first!" and somehow that became the thing to strive for. We don't scarf it down as fast as possible, we still talk and eat slowly, but suddenly it sneaks up on you when someone it done first Andorra second, or third and we would make a big deal out of that.
We did the same thing when it came to getting dressed too, whether it was for the pool, for bed time or for the morning... First one to get naked, first one to get dressed got cheered for.
....hmmmm I may have competitive kids and a competitive husband?
But it works and it made things SO much less angry and painful! And it was really Makayla who came up with these games. Hope it helps somewhat! Good luck!

Carissa and Tanner said...

Love the pic. Sure shows the sheer agony he obviously is in having to eat. I think I wish eating was more like that for me ;)

Jershelly said...

We have mealtime drama with Landon as well. It's so frustrating. Especially when I try to make a nice meal and then just have it shot down. Let me know when you figure out the trick. We're still experimenting as well.

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