In the Distance

This is our view from the second floor of our townhouse. The open field is the airport. People ask us all the time if it is really loud. But it isn't loud at all. The planes are small and there aren't frequent flights. It is nice to have so much open space and not have neighbors blocking the sunshine.

The big building with the blue roof in the lower right of the picture is where Alex will be going to preschool in the fall. Registering him was crazy. I am having guilt about not homeschooling him but I just can't. Not right now. I feel like I would be holding him back too much. I know homeschooling wouldn't be holding him back, I feel like I would be holding him back. I have so many imperfections and very little patience.

The cutoff for grades here is July 31st. Alex's birthday is August 1st. That would put him in the three-year-old class for the whole year. It is not a big deal to be the oldest in the class though. However, the three-year-old class was already full so he was approved to be in the four-year-old class. So he is going to be the very youngest. I hope it works out!

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