The boys love helping me cook. When I asked if they wanted to help with dinner tonight, Alex said, "I want to be a chef!" I put on their aprons and Alex kept reminding me to put on my own apron by saying, "What about Chef Mommy?"

Making dinner with the boys is a lot harder than doing it alone. They like to add things whenever they feel like it and at whatever speed they feel like. Even if I repeatedly say, "Pour it in slowly while I stir," by the time my words reach their ears it sounds something like, "Dump all of it as fast as possible and then throw the measuring cup in for extra flavor."

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Carissa and Tanner said...

Hahaha. I love everything about this post. The words, the picture, the faces, the everything.

Rachel said...

Lol. You are so funny!

Yes, cooking with children definitely is not helpful. But I think it's more fun if you have the extra time, and little bit of patience.

I love their aprons. So cute!

Jershelly said...

That's so cute! Where did you get their aprons? Did you make them?

Celeste said...


HAHAHA Ok I laughed so hard for a minute straight!

Love the comment about dump it in as fast as possible and add the measuring cup for extra flavor.


I totally have experienced this, so nice to know you have too.

Cooking with kids is way harder...and yet they think it is the coolest thing... sigh

You are an awesome fun mom!

PS Thanks for the laughs

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