A Day in the Life of Alex

I noticed that Mommy just posts a few pictures of me throughout the month. I realized everyone is missing out on how cute I am all the time. I wanted to show you a full day so you can get a peek into my life.

Last night, I dreamed about eating lots of paper.

But all the paper had colored ink on it. Should I be worried?

Daddy, will you share your breakfast?

I barely recognize you with straight hair, Mommy!

These pillows are in my way. I will remove them.

Just let me eat your coat already, Daddy!

Wrap it up, Dad. I've got a date!

Daddy tossed me up in the air and Mommy asked him not to. Then Mommy walked away and Daddy tossed me up again. I like Daddy.

Daddy said, "Good-bye" to Mommy and me. Mommy gets gross kisses.

If we're late to playgroup and all the good toys are taken, I am going to be very angry!

I taste-tested lots of toys! It was like Costco on Saturdays for Babies!

I would steal toys from other kids.

Then I took a nap in my cocoon. The cool babies take naps.

Time to eat! Mommy is shy and won't show you that.

Now I get to eat rice cereal and applesauce. I open my mouth wide for the food.

High five!

I put this in my mouth.

Mommy looked away so I climbed up on the laptop.

I need to get my own Facebook so this can be my profile picture. Thug baby.

Mommy made me watch Monk with her.

I waited in line at the post office for 40 minutes. I ate the package. I hope Uncle Flannel appreciates my slobber when this gets to him in Ukraine.

We went and played outside with some friends. It was warm today. I hate being smothered by blankets.

Finally it is nap time! I was getting so tired! Paparazzi in my bedroom?

Daddy came home from school and he got me out of my cage.

Daddy gives me the best toys.

I helped Mommy do the dishes. She isn't very good at it so I have to tell her where to put things.

Bye, Daddy! Have fun at basketball!

Someone come read this book to me!

Mommy made me help with laundry. Child labor!

I chased Mommy up and down the hallway. Sometimes I would get distracted halfway.

Ooh. This bathroom looks interesting.

Usually Mommy keeps me away from the baseboard heaters but she is folding laundry. Let's see how this thing works. Darn, it's not turned on.

I watched Jillian Michaels kick Mommy's bum. While she was doing the ab workout, I would crawl over to her and hug her legs.

Bedtime already? Wow. Today was a great day!

Note from Mommy: This was not an average day. Quite a few things came up and we were busy all day. Alex is a great companion for all of my activities and he was very cooperative with the pictures today.


Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Love it :)

Emily, I'm so glad you have all these posts about Alex...I really enjoy watching him grow, and I find myself going through his 'Aging' posts and comparing them with what Wyatt is doing...
I haven't heard from you in a while, and I really miss you. I hope you're doing well. Next time you come down to Arizona will you let me know so we can hang out? I would love to actually meet the famous Mr. Alex.

Trina said...

Cute post! Fun pictures!

Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

That is so fun! I love the facebook profile picture.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

Aww, Monk reminds me of Mrs. Schroeder.
I miss you.


Love you

The Paxton Family said...

It's official, Alex is ONE ADORABLE KID! Seriously!
BTW I LOVED the "Alexander" in blue on his wall ;-)

The Strongs said...

What a cute kid! I enjoyed reading the fun captions. I especially enjoyed the one about mommy asking daddy not to throw him up in the air and he did it anyway. That sounds very much like our home. Dads are so fun!

Randi said...

You look absolutely Hot with straight hair Emily!! I love that Alex is still rockin' those awesome shorts like his dad. You guys are so cute.

Camille Elise said...

YEah!!! More cute baby! :)

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