Early May

I am a little behind. These things happened at the beginning of May.

We went out to dinner for our anniversary; it was really low-key. We went all-out on our wedding day and it was exhausting. So to commemorate the day, we slowed the celebrations way down. The restaurant was almost empty so we weren't people-watching, we were just talking. It was awesome. I loved being able to order something without considering if Alex would eat it or not. It was just the two of us at the table (and Edison asleep in his carseat underneath the table). 


Our very last playgroup in Ithaca was at the ScienCenter. Alex loved it, as usual. I didn't try to take him around the whole place this time. I let him play wherever he wanted, which meant he played in the water almost the entire time. We didn't even go upstairs!


Slope Day is a Cornell tradition to celebrate the end of the year. We didn't go to the Nelly concert but we did go to Sam's friend's house for a barbecue! It was a beautiful day and I got to meet new people and visit with old friends. Alex had a blast playing outside for a few hours and I enjoyed sitting in the grass while other people played with him for a few hours!


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