Father's Day

Dads are such special people. I realize more and more how they cannot be replaced. Growing up, I learned which parent to ask for permission based on what I was seeking to do. If I ever need a cheesy joke, I can go to my dad. If I need a solution to anything computer related, I can ask my dad. If I need a gospel viewpoint on something that I never would have seen from that perspective, that's where my dad comes in. He is awesome. Scruffy chin, lawnmower smell, farmer's tan. My dad's got it all!


Sam can make Alex laugh hysterically. He can get him laughing so hard that his body curls up in a little ball. It is Alex's favorite part of the day when he hears Daddy getting home. He sprints through the house to meet him at the door. Every time he sees a picture of Sam, he points and says, "Dadda! Dadda!" until I confirm that it is Daddy but he is not home right now. Bummed.


Edison already loves Sam, too. Edison spends many happy hours playing with Sam. But Sam is different to Edison than he was with Alex, even at this age. He is more gentle and soothing to Edison. He reads Edison's mood and is able to comfort or play in the needed way.


Today might as well have been Man Day. Alex and Edison gifted their Daddy with a barbecue, grilling tools, charcoal, and a tie card. Mommy had to balance it out by giving him flowers.
Happy Father's Day!


Matthew & Laura said...

Your boys are all so cute. And Sam looks great. How are you liking Texas? I want pictures of your house and yard and stuff. :) Love you guys!

Jershelly said...

Edison is getting so chubby and cute! I love the pictures of Alex wearing Sam's shirt and tie. And Sam really hit the jackpot this father's day! I love that you gave him flowers. So thoughtful.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Your boys are the cutest ever. I love Edison's onsie.

Keep it up Emily, your stories are always great.

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