Edison's Baby Blessing Weekend

We were lucky to have two of Sam's sisters and their families come to Ithaca for Edison's baby blessing. It is a long drive from Columbus and we were happy to see them.

With the Bardsleys, we went to Ithaca Falls. The rest of the family went there when they came for Alex's blessing but the Bardsleys hadn't arrived yet. This is, by far, my favorite waterfall in or around Ithaca. Spencer taught Alex how to skip throw rocks into the water and Alex was going crazy with it. He now tries to throw rocks into every body of water we see.


When the Warnicks arrived, we went and played at the park since the kids had been cooped up in the car all day.




I am so sad we didn't get a picture of our whole family in Sunday clothes. When we got home, Alex was stripped so he could eat lunch and then he took a nap. We took these pictures while he was sleeping.


The actual blessing was beautiful. Sam didn't even try changing Edison's name! (Basically) Sam prayed for Edison to prepare himself to serve a mission, know that his family loves him, and be able to find a good wife and career when the time comes.


We are so glad we have good friends who were there to bless Edison. We had them over that night for banana splits. The McAllisters and DeGraffs are both MILR families as well. The Sheranians were not able to make it that night.



Laura Neil said...

I love your cute growing family. :) It really is a bummer that you guys just left NY and we are out there for the summer. I can't wait to meet Edison.

Brea said...

Edison is adorable!!! cute little family you have!!

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

You guys are so cute...and you'll just have to take some family pictures later and post them :)

Lindsey said...

I love the picture of Alex kissing Edison in his blessing attire. You can just tell he LOVES his little brother so much!

Camille Elise said...

You guys have so many friends all over the US I feel like. I love it. Is that weird of me? Anyway, he's precious!

Bryan and Ellie said...

Oh, guilt! We'll try to get the picture we took of you guys in front of the church sent soon. It's on Bryan's computer. We sure loved visiting you guys!

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