I have the coolest family ever. The more I learn about other families, the more convinced I am that mine is the coolest. Seriously. I love bragging about my family and their awesomeness. Currently, I have three siblings who are having really exciting times in their lives!

First, Michelle! Holy smokes, she is a sexy pregnant woman! Look at her! She is 18 weeks along right now. That little belly is adorable.


Second, Matthew! I followed the MLB draft online for about seven hours over two days and when I finally heard his name, I couldn't believe it! He was drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 29th round and is moving to Florida this Friday! I am still giddy. I am so proud of him and happy that his dream is coming true!


Third, Jared! He graduated from high school last month! He had the highest GPA in his class but because he was homeschooled during 9th grade, he wasn't ranked. He prefers to be Number Zero. He was accepted to Google's Computer Science Summer Institute and he will be going to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California for a three week program before attending BYU in the fall.


Wow, aren't they great?! And they're cute to boot. Aww, I love them.
P.S. My other siblings are pretty sweet, too. I guess they just need to step up their games before I write a post in their honors.


Anonymous said...

Your family is way cool. That's so awesome that your brother gets to play Major League Baseball! Tell him congratulations for me.

Geevz said...

DUDE! That is awesome for all of them! I do think it is lame that your lil' bro wasn't ranked though. I hope he has a blast at Google.

And I would never have thought Matt was headed to the majors when I was stretching his shoulder and wrapping ice on him back in the day. I may just have to post our prom picture and brag about him too.

The Kotters said...

Hey! You don't know me, but Sam does. We went to school together. Anyway, I just came across your blog and noticed that your brother is playing for the Marlins? That is great! My first cousin, Brooke, is married to the catcher, John Buck that went to Taylorsville! Small world!

Chelsea (Baird) Kotter

Perla Maria said...

You're right your family is pretty awesome and congrats to all of them. You are pretty smart and cool yourself.
Miss you Emily

The Macks said...

Wow! That is exciting! You really do have a lot of fun things going on in the Neil family! I sure miss ya! I turned off my blog about a year ago... but I might have to get back into it!
Looks like you are doing great! Love ya!

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