Thirty. I am serious.

Sam and I are not even in the same decade anymore. That's right, my husband is officially an old man: 30 years old. He is an amazing person and I am lucky to call him mine. He is so helpful with the boys. He almost always does the dishes. He is a great comforter. He is my husband, friend, and teammate. He is a kid at heart. Oh yeah, and he is so handsome. I love him.



Naomi Mae said...

Ha, happy Birthday old chap! My husband will be joining that rank soon too! ;-)
I hear the 30's are where it's at!

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...
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Bryan and Ellie said...

Happy 30th Sam!!! I guess you finally did pass me up (since I'm still 29). :-) Love you! Ellie

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