We went to this bounce house three months earlier and it was amazing how differently Alex played this time! He has grown up so much and he is such a daredevil! He wanted to go down all of the slides over and over. I couldn't believe how much fun he was having. He is completely full of energy and, as tiring as it can be, I wouldn't want him to be any other way.




Jershon said...

That looks so fun! I remember playing in those bounce house things when I was a kid. I wish I could still play in them.

Jershon said...

That was actually Shelly. Blogger won't let me sign out of Jershon's account for some reason.

Janelle said...

That last picture, with the fear in his eyes, tells the whole story. Another adrenalin junkie is born.

Brea said...

WOW look how big he has gotten! So cute!

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