Nora's Baptism

When Edison was almost two weeks old, Sam took Alex to Columbus for our niece's baptism. I wished I could have gone but Edison and I weren't very good at nursing yet and he was still waking up during the night. All things that would make it difficult to sleep in a small room with Alex. Although I did miss Sam and Alex, it ended up being a great weekend for Edison and I to bond.


Alex had a great time with his cousins and Sam had a fun time with his sisters and parents. We really have enjoyed living so close to family. We are so proud of Nora and her decision to be baptized. Sam is very glad he was able to go and support her.




The Paxton Family said...

Love A,ex eating his first happy meal! Mak and Oscar share a happy meal and it's cute! Glad you got to spend ti e with Eddison by yourself

Spencer and Anna said...

I was very proud of Sam for dutifully taking pictures for you on this trip. It made me laugh. :) I love the "welcome home" pic.

Bryan and Ellie said...

Thanks for posting all these pictures! It was fun to see the trip from Sam and Alex's perspective. Emily, thanks again for letting them come!

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