Easter activities spanned a few days this year. For playgroup, we had an Easter egg hunt. Alex did not get it at all. He just wanted to open his one egg and eat the candy. He didn't realize he was supposed to be collecting more.


I got all the colors set out for dyeing eggs and let Alex put one egg in the blue dye. He wanted to see the egg in the cup so he tipped it and dumped the dye all over his lap. I couldn't believe how fast it had happened. He had been at the table for about 10 seconds. He was promptly put on sticker duty while we dyed the rest. His legs and bum were stained blue for a week!


On Easter Sunday, Alex woke up and found his Easter basket. He was so happy about all the cars and trucks in it. He got all of the cars arranged like a parking lot. It was cracking me up. He loves cars so much.

He dropped a plastic egg and it burst open. Sam had filled the eggs the night before. I asked him to put one or two pieces of candy in each. He stuffed both sides of the egg! Anyway, so when the egg burst open, Alex stuffed five jelly beans in his mouth so fast. I think he was scared I was going to take them away, which I probably would have if I hadn't been so tired from him waking up an hour earlier than usual.

We had blueberry muffins for breakfast and then went to church where we tried to contain Alex. He was absolutely crazy during sacrament meeting.

After church, I spent a few hours getting dinner together while the boys napped. Sam claims I only make nice dinners when we are having people over. In your face, Sam!


For some reason, Alex woke up from his nap crying. When we finally sat down to the meal, Edison decided he needed to nurse. Immediately. Then Alex spilled his drink. Alex did not eat a single bite of the meal. Not even jello. It was a nightmare. It is humorous how many things went wrong. Sam did the dishes though, and there were a lot of them so that was really nice.

We put Alex to bed and then I read the scriptures to remind myself why that day was special. The day ended with us remembering that it was my half-birthday. A very exciting half-birthday indeed.

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