Finally warm!

Ithaca has not had very many nice days this spring, but the first nice day was a beautiful thing! We spent the whole day outside. 


Canon and Kristen came to play at the park with us. After playing for a while, it started to look stormy so we decided to go home. As soon as we got in our cars, it started to pour! So Canon and Alex continued their play date inside. These boys are so cute together!



Kristen Sheranian said...

Those pictures of the boys are so cute! please send those to me....Wow it will it is going to be sad for the boys to say goodbye!

Janelle said...

I'm sad for their goodbyes, and I'm not even there. My mom tells be about friends I had when I was their age. No memory.

Jershon said...

We have been having back and forth weather too. It has been raining a lot lately. I can't believe that it is June already!

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