Mom's Visit to Ithaca

We had a lot of fun with my mom. She was here longer than expected, thanks to Edison's late arrival, but it was so nice to have someone to talk to when Sam left to school.

The day she got here, we went to the Sage Social. Every Thursday, the business school has a social. Since Sam is taking his classes over there this semester, we were invited! I guess we could have been going all semester, but this was the only time we went. Alex was playing by running back and forth through these curtains. This picture was taken right before he ran back through the curtain and hit the leg of an overturned table with his face.


The weather wasn't the greatest and I was trying to get a baby out so we went on lots of walks. One day we walked around the mall. Alex loved this little tow truck. It was out of order but he was so happy just sitting in it. I guess that happens when you don't know something is supposed to move.


We went to the ScienCenter. Although it is small, there were things my mom hadn't seen before so she was entertained. Alex is always entertained at the ScienCenter. He loves that place. It was completely empty that day. Alex was able to spend as long as he wanted with any toy. He even sat on the train table for a while.


We went to the Maple Festival in Marathon, NY. It was so cool to see all of the old tools and how they collect the maple syrup. My mom bought us a gallon of it! It is so delicious and we have never eaten so many waffles in our marriage!


We went on a hike to Taughannock Falls. It was really muddy and the walk was quite slow, including a break to nurse Edison. On the way back from the falls, Alex tripped and faceplanted in mud. It was hilarious but he did not seem to think it was that funny. I didn't have anything to wipe his face with so we just left it on his face until we got home.


My mom did so much sewing for me when she was here. She fixed the elastic in a skirt, made a crayon holder, extended my nursing cover, and made a blanket for Edison. I saved all of my projects until my mom got here. My dad did most of our taxes and I only had a few things I needed to do. My mom finished those things for us when she came out. I don't know what I am going to when I have to be a real grown up without them. I love that I am able to call my mom whenever I have a question, however stupid it may be.


Alex got two haircuts while my mom was here. We also watched a lot of TV and movies. Conference was interesting. The TV was struggling and our computer's sound wasn't working. Luckily we had backups! Alex decided he needed to pull out his laptop, too.


We did a lot more than this, but I was slacking with taking pictures.

How fitting that I would post this on Mother's Day. My mom has done so much for me. I would never want to be away from home for a whole month living out of one tiny suitcase but she did it. She came here straight from spring break in California, and after her 19 days in Ithaca, she flew to Salt Lake! Whenever I was freaking out about anything, she was constantly calming me down. I love her so much and wish her a very happy Mother's Day!


The Paxton Family said...

Mom's are so wonderful! What a blessing that she was able to be there for the birth of both of your children! Both of mummies grandmas missed the birth but were able to see them a week later, but there is something magical aboutnbeing there forth moment. Your mom is such a wonderful lady, I loved meeting her and I love that she sewed for you while she visited! Hope you had a great mothers day as well!

Janelle said...

It's all worth it. I love being a mother. I love you.

Rachel said...

Mothers are the best! I'm glad your mom could come and visit you! I wish my mom would come out and sew with me. She gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, but since I need help learning it's been sitting in my laundry room neglected. I think I'm just going to have to pull it out myself and do some self-teaching!
Also, Alex is looking so grown up! When did that happen??

Geevz said...

Moms are the best! My sewing projects pile up until my mom randomly comes over and something needs a quick stitching. Then she says, "It will only take a second, so I'll just do it now." Before I know it, she's powered through all of my projects in ten minutes.

19 days is definitely a lot of love :)

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