Alex's Adjustment


We are frequently asked how Alex has adjusted to the addition of Edison in our family. The answer changes multiple times a day, however, most of the time the answer is, "Surprisingly well!" And that is the truth. Alex has amazed me with how well he has adjusted. He loves Edison so much.



The first few days, Alex was too loving. He wanted to always be touching Edison; he would point out his eyes, nose, and mouth. It was stressing me out and I had to make sure that I had at least one of them with me at all times because if they were alone together, Alex was probably "loving" Edison to death.

Alex is a hugger. He is constantly hugging people. Even complete strangers in the airport. He wants to hug and kiss Edison every time he sees him. If Edison is lying on the ground, this means Alex is squashing Edison with his hug. We still have to watch carefully to make sure nothing happens accidentally, but I am completely confident now that Alex would not do anything to intentionally hurt Edison.



It only took Alex one night to learn to sleep through Edison's crying. After we brought Edison home, Alex started sleeping in until 9am each day. It was awesome. He is always delivering Edison's pacifier to us. He throws away all of Edison's diapers. He brings us blankets for Edison. And he is always trying to hug or kiss Edison when he is sad.


Alex is an incredible child. I cannot believe how much I love him. He is my baby.


Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

That is incredible. Not that I thought it wasn't possible or anything, I'm just happy for you...happy that Alex is such a great big brother :)

(oh, and I LOVE that he sleeps through the crying!! AMAZING!!)

I really wish you were closer too, so that our boys could play together... :) And so that I could see you, of course!

Verity Kae said...

Oh my gosh!!!! Edison looks just like Sam in the first picture!!!! I love your life Emily!

Rachel said...

I'm glad that the adjustment is going well. What a sweet older brother!
I had a similar experience...everyone told me it was going to be awful...and it wasn't!
I'm happy that it was happy for you too!

The Paxton Family said...

Glad he loves him! It only gets better as they get older, and now Oscar literally follows her around like a puppy ;-) but they are best friends and Makayla even sticks up for him at the playground too!
Yes we're in a hotel this year because they were going to be traveling far a lot because we have the whole state. It's a small state, but instead of being gone all week due to driving 2-3 hours, since I was the only wife I said i'd rather just stay with them. So we got hotels instead of Apts. Plus WV is small and didn't really have apts for Corp housing leases :-)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

What a guy. I'm so glad for you. I love the picture of Alex holding him. And the one where Alex wants to do whatever Edison is doing. =)

Jershon & Shelly Lopez said...

I love that picture of Alex holding Edison. So cute!

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