Cornell has given us a lot of experiences that we have not had the chance to get elsewhere. It seems there is something interesting going on each weekend. We wanted to go to a polo match before we moved away. We ended up getting to go to two! Cornell made it to the National Championship (and got destroyed). Oxley Equestrian Center was packed! Alex loved all the horses, which he pronounces, "Horshiss." Yeah, say that out loud.





Geevz said...

Jealous! That looks awesome!

Naomi Mae said...

I just love Alex's hair! I would love to see a polo match! Very cool. I'm glad you got to do so many fun and unique things while you were there. Have a safe move!

Jershon said...

That's so cool! I bet that would be fun to watch. When are you guys moving? Is this going to be a permanent (as far as you can tell) move?

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