The mall in Ithaca has a jump/moonwalk place where you pay per hour. Since it has been so cold, I thought it would be fun for Alex to have a chance to run around as much as he wanted. Kristen and Canon came, too!

Alex took a few minutes to warm up to the giant things and he would crawl around because it was hard to walk on the slippery, bouncy floor wearing only his socks. It was so cute to watch him climb over the walls and go through the tunnels. Surprisingly, he had the most fun running around on the solid ground. We just need an indoor basketball court and this kid would be so happy.

After 30 minutes, both Alex and Canon were pooped. So we called it a day.





Trina said...

I bet it was a blast! My kids both have big goals they're working on so we can go there. You know since there are 3 of them, it will be a bit pricey.
Hopefully they can make it, because I know they'll LOVE IT!
The last picture is great! He does look pooped!

The Paxton Family said...

I love places like that, except there are ALWAYS mean and LOUD big kids! :-P

p.s. I don't think you hear this often enough... your son is adorable. really adorable.

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