Mrs. McPuppet

We went to a Mrs. McPuppet show. Alex was more interested in the little snack bags the kids were leaving on the ground. He ate part of someone's apple, some string cheese, and spilled a milk carton. But he also watched quite a bit of the show! He watched more than I expected and he was dancing along with a few of the songs. He didn't jump around with the other kids though. He just stared with his jaw hanging open for most of it. I think he was wondering what that lady was doing. I am really glad we went.




The Paxton Family said...

hahahaha! i LOVE the picture of his jaw hanging down while he watches! Too funny!
Makayla is just now starting to answer back when the tv or puppet show or story time person asks a question. I thought it started way before 3, but oh well!
Love that he is stealing other kids snacks too! Funny!

Roo said...

I thought Mrs. McPuppet was so cute!
Alex is such an easy kids and so fun to have in nursery. I am glad he is with me and not the other nursery. No offense Nursery B.

Jake said...

He looks mesmerized! Glad it was fun!

The Harker's said...

That looked like a cute show! Looks like you are getting down to just days for when baby boy will be coming. Hope you last month goes quickly for you!

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