18 Months

Whenever I would hear someone say that their kid was 18 months old, that was always the age when I would think, "Wow. That is a kid. That kid is walking and talking and has a personality." My baby is 18 months old. A year and a half. I have such mixed feelings about it because I feel like this is a huge milestone. Before Alex was born, Sam and I talked about not letting the baby change our lives. But it has changed me as a person so much that I don't mind changing my lifestyle to match me now. I am a mom.

Every night and every nap, after Alex has been sleeping for about 45 minutes, I get a very strong urge to get him out of bed and snuggle him. I miss him when we are apart.
I remember the first Sunday we took him to church and Sam and I fought about who got to hold him and take him to class. Now he is going to nursery. I am going to miss my little buddy at church.

Top Alex News:
-He has 15 teeth.
-Everything is a phone to him. If we say, "Hello. Who is it?" he will pick up whatever is closest to him and put it up to his ear.
-He can point out body parts. One day I said that he was standing on his tippy toes and and pointed to his toes! I hadn't even taught him that one yet!
-He loves sticking his hands in our mouths.
-Alex looks old to me. Just in the last month he has changed so much.
-When I ask him where Daddy is, he points to the front door like Sam is just chillin' outside.
-If I am reading something, he will come right in front of my face and tilt his head to the side like, "Look at me!"
-Sometimes I avoid teaching him things because I just don't want him to know. Too bad, he learned how to unzip his own coat.
-He is super ticklish on his inner thighs.
-He folds his arms for prayers (when he feels like it).
-If I am holding him and try to set him down, he will bend his knees so I won't set him down. But I have no problem with putting him down on his knees.
-He will run up to us and when he gets close, he turns around to sit in our laps. So he finishes the running up to us by running backwards.
-He puts clothes over his shoulders and runs around like his is flying.
-He uses a spoon really well.
-He will sit and read books alone for long periods of time (30 minutes).
-He tries to dress himself. Watching him try to get his socks on while standing up is very entertaining.
-He loves getting his coat on so he can go outside.
-If I ask him if he needs a diaper change (and he does), he will bring me the changing pad, a diaper, and wipes.
-If we motion him to "come here" (by bending our forefinger), he holds one finger straight up and then bends it over and over.
-He can follow two part commands such as "Go get your bib and put it in the kitchen."
-He opens the kitchen drawers and puts things away. He even puts things in the right drawers!
-We had him evaluated for Early Intervention for his speech. He does not qualify. The psychologist and speech therapist gave us a lot of confidence in his other abilities though. He tests far beyond his age both physically and cognitively. He is a little behind expressively. Since they came over, I have been repeating words over and over to Alex. He has started imitating again. My favorite word to hear him say is "Rabbit."
Weight: 23 pounds, 5 ounces
Height: 32 inches

He looks so cute all bundled outside. 

He is a stud.

He loves wearing Mommy's gloves, and hates wearing his.

The Red Goblin.

He loves balls. Still. Always.

He busts out of his clothes.

"I feel pretty..."

He must see us holding our phones like this.

He is such a good eater now.

He sleeps with his head smashed against the bumper.

He puckers his lips for kisses.

He loves playing with fridge magnets.

He has the most adorable laugh.

If he sees one of Daddy's hats sitting around, it immediately goes on his head.

He is so kissable.

He loves stacking Sam's shoes.

He is good at buckling up.

He loves dancing to anything and everything.

He is constantly stacking and unstacking things.

He knows the names of body parts!

He thinks Mommy is a Jungle Gym.

He growls if he drops something.


Rachel said...

I keep forgetting that Alex and Emi are the same age!

It is so clear how much you love your son! He is smart, adorable, and lucky to have you as a mom!

The One Klar said...

You are such a great mother, Emily!! This post is adorable. And your son is even more adorable. :) You are quite the example, Em. I will be coming to you for advice, for sure! ...when I have children. Which won't be for many years. But still. You are definitely one to turn to. Thank you for your awesomeness.

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

hahah his growling when he drops something his HILARIOUS! I watched it 3 times. :-\ sigh. You are a great mom.

The Strongs said...

Aw, this was so fun to read! My baby's turning 15 months soon and I feel like she's on track, right behind him. She even isn't speaking much so I worry too! She does sign though so that's something. Anyway, what a cute little boy you have there.

The Paxton Family said...

Can I tell you how much I wish you lived close by? I just want to SQUEEZE him and HUG him! And REALLY want to take our kids out to a park and play while we sit back and talk about how cute they are.
Why don't you live closer!!!!!
I hope Sam gets a really AMAZING job in St George :-)

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