Laughing School

My dad used to always joke that I needed to be sent to a laughing school so I could learn a less annoying laugh. Apparently the condition is genetic. Sorry, Alex!


The Paxton Family said...

First, LOVE the ball machine ;-) Mak shoved a bunch of random stuff in ours so we have to take it apart to fix it :-P LAME!
Second, if you think his laugh is ridiculous, wait till he's 2 1/2ish then they start "trying out" different laughs and testing them. Mak is driving me INSANE with all of her random laughter! Cute, but LOUD! :-)
Third, Alex is cute.
I know I say number 3 a lot, but it's worth repeating :-)

Michelle said...

I almost died laughing when I heard you telling Sam, "No, blue goes first." So maybe Matthew was right. ROFL.

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