Pregnancy Letter 2.2

Dear Doctor,

So you know how this fetus currently only weighs about five pounds and you so kindly pointed out that I've already gained 30? Well, my chin was lonely and wanted some friends. Also, my stretch marks are currently in a race with each other to see which pregnancy can win. It's not looking good for my first pregnancy's chances because the newcomers have five weeks of damage left to do. Thanks for the self-esteem boost though; always appreciated.



Lauren said...

5lbs plus fluid/placenta. so probably about 28lbs! your good!:)

The Harker's said...

I CAN NOT believe he would have pointed that out to an 8 month pregant, with her 2nd child woman. Is he insane?!:) I had gained way more then 30lbs by your stage if that makes you feel better.:)

Becky said...

I'm surprised doctors still comment on this, especially when you are a long way from overweight. Everyone's so different in how much weight they gain at what point in their pregnancy. Jackson was only 5 lbs 9 oz at birth, at 38 weeks, and I gained 32-33 pounds. So I think you're good!

Holly Decker said...

girlfriend, don't even get me started.

i have one too many stories like that one. and just for the record, i think you are a babe.


Roo said...

i think you look great.

Rachel said...

I know it's not a funny thing, but you presented it in a funny way and had me laughing.

I'm with you (I'm not pregnant), but I'm not much of a fan of what pregnancy does to my body. We are not friends. I do however, love the result of what comes after being pregnant. The baby, that is. Not the stretched out, saggy remnants of what used to be my chest and my stomach.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Is your doctor a man?? Because that would explain it...I've noticed men have this lack of...sensitivity...tact...overall general kindness...when it comes to pregnancy. My brother likes to ask me if I'm pregannt anytime he thinks I look like I've gained any smidgen of weight...sigh.

I think you're beautiful and I think pregnancy is beautiful, so don't worry about it too much ;)

Merkley Jiating said...

Rachael - The doctor who commented on my weight was actually a woman. The next week, I met with the man doctor and he said my weight looked good!

The Paxton Family said...

I would agree, every female doctor i've had told me i needed to stop gaining weight, it's the men doctors that have been more "sensitive"
I don't know if there is a "normal" or "healthy" weight gain to aim for in pregnancy.
Personally, I think it depends on how active you are, and what you are eating, but I know that I gained a LOT less with my second because I knew that I would have to lose it afterward. I know pregnant women (or women in general) don't like to hear about the ugly side of weight, but the truth is, the more you gain now, the more you have to lose later.
but you are one of those annoyingly cute, tiny looking pregnant women that is all belly. so I hate you ;-)
I like to gain EVERYWHERE when I'm pregnant, and I have the stretch marks on my butt, legs, stomach, boobs and back to prove it! :-P

The Paxton Family said...

oh I also forgot to tell you how much i appreciated your thank you card!
so many times when i send someone a present i never even hear back if they got it or not, let alone a "thank you" for it. The fact that you don't just say thank you, but take the time to write out and send thank you cards to people is such a beautiful and rare quality and I am SOOOOO thankful you send thank you's! It definitely makes me want to send you more presents! So thank you! And thank your Mama for raising you right ;-)

p.s. Mak stole it from me, she thinks it's a letter from Alex to her. Silly girl!

Reimstar said...

Uhg, the joys of pregnancy. I think its only fair that since it all starts when the baby is inside, that it should all go away as soon as the baby is outside. Right?

Daniel said...

haha...I love reading different comments from people I've NO idea who they are. That's pretty dumb what that doctor told you. I actually hadn't even thought about the doctor's gender till your other friends were guessing. For me...I definitely like male doctors better and it totally made sense when you said it was a woman who said it--not a man. The lady doctors I've met are NOT very nice..maybe cuz they feel like they have to be tough in a "man's" world?? I'm so excited you have so little time left till this one comes! How fun.

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