The Dream Job

I used to want to be a cop so I could serve and protect.
Then I wanted to be a doctor so I could comfort and heal.
I wanted to be a sign language interpreter so I could learn a new language.
I dreamed of being a therapist so I could help people with their problems.
I wanted to be a business consultant to help companies work efficiently.
I thought being a teacher might be a good job for me.

Then I became a mom and realized I got everything I ever wanted.

I get to serve my child in every way imaginable.
I protect him from any danger he may encounter.
I comfort and heal on a daily basis: bumps and bruises and hurt feelings.
My language skills have never been more needed as my child learns how to express himself.
I get to help him solve problems and learn how to think.
I am a teacher to him in every single thing I say or do.

I got my dream job after all. It is a job that does not exist anywhere outside of my home.
I am a cop, doctor, interpreter, therapist, consultant, and teacher.

I am Alex's mother.


Randi said...

Emily that is so cute! You are so sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome Emily! I'm glad you're so happy being a mom :)
You're seriously such a good writer!

Allison said...

Beautiful. I love it!

The Paxton Family said...

Love this post! I used to (still want to) be an actress/director so I could be EVERYTHING without having to learn everything. ;-) Well, that and I pretty much love the spotlight :-D

Oh my goodness, I could TOTALLY start a BOOK on the horrors and humors of being poor and married! We lived in the back of Jordan's little red truck for almost a month in March, in Baltimore, at a little rest stop while we tried to find jobs and housing for one :-P We had to live in a hotel NUMEROUS times once with no power, OR money for a week and all we could eat was the "continental breakfast" and we would hoard it and hide it in my purse to eat all day! Or when we were stuck in Houston after a hurricane with no power, no money, no food (we had just moved in the day before the hurricane) and Mak was 6 months old. We ran out of diapers and had to let her crawl around naked and just... go where ever! Because we didn't even have laundry, NO water either! Thanks to the kindness of strangers she feasted on Jello, and cereal and formula that people donated to us as well as a WONDERFUL family that boiled water for us twice a day and brought it over!
We got stuck in a blizzard once in Idaho Springs CO, we were moving so we had a Uhaul, Mak was about 7-8 months then and we had to sleep in the Uhaul. A police officer knocked on the door in the morning and asked if we were ok because people said they heard a baby crying, emBARassing!
We had to drop a rental car off before midnight once even though our flight wasn't till 6am, but the airport was CLOSED so we spent the night on benches :-P
When we first moved to Maryland Jordan's truck kept breaking down and we busted FOUR tires within 2 days (1 was a tire we had JUST replaced the day earlier!)
Our truck broke down once in the afternoon, we waited SO long for AAA that when they got there all car repair shops were closed, so we spent the night walking up and down the road till it opened, and spent 4 hours at Denny's ordering Tea and water and trying not to fall asleep or make our waitress mad!
....yeah, there's more. LOTS more that we went through together and made Mak go through too! But we survived and now have a lot of funny stories to tell now. Maybe someday I WILL write a book, and you can add your stories too ;-)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

That is so special.

Isn't it wonderful that you get to do what you WANT to do and that it can bring you such joy? I love it.

I really enjoy your writing Emily. I love to come to your blog.

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