Scout Campout

Sam was called as the 11-year-old scout leader. It is weird that he is the one leaving on weeknights to head to the church instead of me. I miss being involved in the Young Women organization but I guess I am still pretty close. I was called as the 11-year-old primary teacher. Except the way they split the class, I have girls 8-12 years old. It is strange to have a few girls leave before the end of my lesson so they can go to Beehives, but we figuring it out. The first week I walked in after being sustained, I was handed a manual and then shown my classroom where there were 13 girls waiting for the lesson, which I had never read. That was an adventure.

Sam was excited that his calling would involve campouts. Since he only has a few boys who are active, he planned to take Alex on the first campout with him. Alex had been throwing up the day before but we thought he was doing better. I packed a bag and dinner for Sam and Alex and sent them on their way. Edison was so broken-hearted and didn't understand why he was being left behind.


About an hour later, Sam called me to tell me he was bringing Alex home. Alex had thrown up all over himself and his carseat again. When they walked in the door, Alex was so sad and kept saying, "Oh no, I threw up." I took him to the bathroom and helped him clean up. Then he was ready to go camping again. When he realized Sam had left him, he started sobbing. I hadn't planned dinner because I planned to go out with Edison but I couldn't take a sick kid out so the boys had yogurt for dinner. That was the very first time the boys have ever had a fake dinner in their lives. I felt like a failure, but they loved it.


The scouts camped near the North Dakota/Montana border. It was right by the only tunnel in North Dakota that is cut for a train to go through but it was only used once. Inside the tunnel was giant. It was super tall and pitch black inside.


Classic boy scout campout. Most of the time spent playing by the fire. They ate tin foil dinners and Sam's was delicious and cooked the quickest and most evenly. I guess I am getting better at making those things! Sam got to bust out his fishing gear for the first time since owning it but he wasn't able to fish since he didn't have a license. The scouts were able to fish though because if you are under 15-years-old, you don't need a license. As is the case at most campouts, there was a lot of fishing and not much catching. After three hours of fishing, no fish had been caught.


Unfortunately, Edison got sick as well. It was a long morning of snuggles before Sam got home that afternoon. I wasn't feeling well either so it was a sad day.


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Jershelly said...

That was their first fake dinner ever? You are amazing Emily...and far from a failure.

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