Christmas and a New Year

We had a very eventful Christmas in Columbus. I didn't take pictures of everything but here are some of the things that occurred...

Sunday, December 20th
After we finished packing, we made a gingerbread house.
Monday, December 21st
On the drive to Columbus. The car was so full that Alex's carseat was tipping.

Alex loved riding not seeing anyone for seven hours.

We played a lot of RockBand.

It was entertaining to watch.

Tuesday, December 22nd
No pictures today. Sad.

Wednesday, December 23rd
We went out to dinner at a cute Mediterranean restaurant called The Olive Tree.

I made these and then lost Sam's. Sad day.

Alex made friends with Aunt Ellie.
Thursday, December 24th
Alex and Mommy got sick.

We acted out the Nativity. Sam was Joseph, I was Mary, and Alex was baby Jesus.

Everyone shared a talent. The accordion was my favorite.

Friday, December 25th
Before the wrapping paper disaster area of 2009.

So early!

Big mess.

Still partly asleep. Luckily, we are all feeling much better by this time!

Some of us had nap time.

And play time.

Stephen had some sad time.

And some adorable, happy time.

We had a very nice Christmas dinner.

We played Beatles RockBand.

Saturday, December 26th
We got a tour of Ohio State from our brother-in-law.

He even walked backwards!

Amazing library.

Ohio State and Columbus.

Alex loved it.

The group at the end of the tour.

Bowling. I scored 60. SIXTY! Yikes!
Sunday, December 27th
At church, I ran into a friend I worked with in Provo! Small world.

Alex slobbered on the couch.

Monday, December 28th
We went on a tour of Graeter's and played with magic dry ice bubbles.

They just vanish!

Tuesday, December 29th
Alex got a new toy from Uncle Seth.

We had a white elephant gift exchange and Ellie got a gargoyle.

Alex wanted that New Moon lunchbox.
Wednesday, December 30th
We toured Amish country.

We tested some crazy flavored cheese.

Sam and Alex took a little break.

Alex has one crazy eyebrow and one normal eyebrow.

Sam relaxed in an Amish furniture store.
Thursday, December 31st
We went and saw Avatar.

We celebrated Bryan's birthday.

We played games while waiting for midnight.

We stood around the TV for five minutes.

Then we celebrated the New Year!

Friday, January 1st
We drove back to Ithaca and stopped at a rest stop to play for a few minutes.


Geevz said...

That picture of Alex's eyes is gorgeous. I don't see the funky eyebrow though.

Bryan and Ellie said...

Great holiday. Thanks for coming to Columbus!


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