Corning Museum of Glass

We went with some friends from our ward/Sam's program to the Corning Museum of Glass. It was way cooler than I was expecting. I did not know anything about glass and I learned so much! I didn't know the consistency of glass when it is melted. During the hot glass show, they said it has the consistency of cold honey. They were just pouring the glass! It was incredible. Also, glass is used for so many things that I did not realize (optical fiber, microchips, etc.).

This guy was showing tension points in glass and if you hit the weak places (even softly) then the glass will shatter.

Rotating the rod so the glass wouldn't drip off.

Sticking the glass into a mold.

Spinning the glass so it will flare out.

The glass looked room temperature but then he threw a paper towel in it and it caught on fire.

Mommy and Alex.

Alex's favorite part of the museum.

We watched Bob Carson make this.

This costs $44,000. Any takers?

DeGraffs and Merkleys. It was so nice to get to know them a little better.

Look at that vein!

These were giant!

Alex kept turning his head side to side to see everything.

He left fingerprints everywhere.

Imagine trying to make that. Incredible!

Trying to get hands-on.


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

your baby is too cute!

Geevz said...

That looks like so much fun!

Camille Elise said...

I'm sad that map was the most exciting part of the museum for Alex. Maybe because that's the only interactive part he could take part in?? (He looked so cute eating it up!) I'm jealous you got to go there. It looks SO neat!

Trina said...

You got some great pictures! And reminded me how cool some of the things they do there are.

Brea said...

Wow that looks really neat! I would love to go to a place like that. I bet it was so cool! alex is so cute and getting so big!

Burke family said...

We need to get out there. That looks really cool. And we need to hang out too. I always love your visits and have fun just talking. Thanks for taking your time to come. And way to go on the ward missionary thing - you guys are the All-Stars and I'm pretty sure we're the Flunkies. :)

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